" I can not say enough about what Creative Rehab has done for me over the past year. Suja's hands are a blessing from God himself and I have learned so much about core strengthening. I also appreciate their flexibility with scheduling and their friendliness. I have had nothing but relief and progress since I started attending Creative Rehab."

- Randy Wansedel


My pain was diagnosed and validated with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago. My Physical Therapist, through intense massage, water therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, and ultrasound to mention a few, took me from waking with a cane to jogging. She had me control my pain and stiffness by setting up a program of stretching, weight bearing exercises, and relaxation techniques to ease my pain and stress. I am leading a normal and active life today.

- Mrs. Arlene Schwab


Creative Rehab is by far the only Physical Therapy Office I have had the pleasure of visiting. The Therapist at Creative Rehab is knowledgeable and highly professional, but is also very caring and understands on how to make patients feel at ease and genuinely cared for which is something that most clinics lack of. It is refreshing to walk-in at each visit with a warm hello! along with a smile. I do believe that this positive energy is what makes Creative Rehab a unique and enjoyable place to be which sets off to your pathway of healing.

- Mrs. Wilhemnia Floyd


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